Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Dating Poems" (installment #2)

[L.E. Leone's intrepid Dating Poems series continues!]


The night
I almost broke
your arm coming
and you said after
catching our breath I
was so sexy? . . .

Did you mean it?

you know yours
wouldn’t have been
the first
arm that I broke


So, OK, so you couldn’t make it
to my reading because you had a date
with your other lover, but your heart
will be with me? [look up from podium &
around the room for a while]
I don’t see it, I’m happy
to say. Dismemberment
unnerves me.

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. John! 2 good disarming poems!

  2. I missed the first installment for some reason but was so captivated by installment #2 that I went back in search of it - and happily found it.

  3. Hi Tony & Alan: Glad you both like LE's poems--thanks for stopping by!

  4. Heh-heh. These two are nice paired arm in arm! :):):)

  5. "Dismemberment unnerves me."
    Love this line! I'll be going in search of Dating Poems #1.

  6. Hi Willow & Nana Jo

    Willow: So to speak! Good one.

    Nana Jo: So glad you liked them. You can find other poems by LE Leone by searching the label "LE Poems"

  7. Love the first one especially! And what a great idea for series.

  8. Hi K: Glad you're liking LE's poems!

  9. I also liked the line "Dismemberment unnerves me." A nice combination of eerie and matter-of-fact. And then coupled with the other poem, and its similar calm, polite tone and underlying sense of violence; pretty effective.

  10. Hi HKatz: Glad you enjoyed LE's poems! I think you're right about the polite tone mixed with violence!

  11. Fun and funny, both! Thanks for continuing to post L.E.'s poems.

  12. I, too, had missed the first installment, so I went back to find it, and now I can't stop giggling over "Our third date, like the
    second, will be our last,
    but thank you, Charlie,
    for the rose, the hamburger,
    and all that time
    to chew." I'll have to re-read the lot later.

  13. Sadly, it's the "Morgan" poem I can relate to the best. I wish it were the "Krystian", but I've never been that forceful. Although...


  14. Hi Kat & Reya

    Reya: Yeah, I was wondering about that myself!

    Kat: Perhaps you & L.E. should compare notes!


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