Monday, October 6, 2008

The Last Rose of Summer

The pic shows one of Eberle’s heirloom roses that decided to have a late re-bloom yesterday afternoon. It’s a beautiful but melancholy sight, because as the night’s grow colder, it most certainly is the last rose of summer.

There are two wonderful songs with this title—the first is a melody for a poem by eqrly 19th century Irish Poet Thomas Moore; the second is Tom Waits haunting song from The Black Rider album. There’s a YouTube video of Waits performing the song here; you can read the Waits lyrics at this link.

For Moore’s poem & its tune, you can hear cornetist Jules Levy’s 1903 instrumental version (it’s a very old pressing by Edison, & the sound quality definitely isn’t what we’re used to nowadays) here, & you can read the lyrics of Moore’s poem here, at Wikipedia.

The last rose of summer—a moment in time & a state of mind….

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