Friday, February 27, 2009

Musical Questions—with Yours Truly?!?

Not a joke—this Sunday’s Musical Questions installment will be done by the rather pensive looking guy with the guitar in the pic to the right; namely, me. Contrary to what I wrote late last year, my taking a Musical Questions slot doesn’t signal an end to the series, tho we might be in a little bit of a lull. There are interviews circulating with some good musicians, & I also have some thoughts about ways to expand the series. This just seemed like a good time for me to step in.

In a way, I’d hoped to get some of my new solo stuff recorded before this, but just haven’t gotten to that, & in all honesty, I’d rather get the solo material tightened up thru performance before I do much recording. I’ve been a guy who played in bands, often in a support role, so the solo turn is a big & exciting departure; actually had my first gig earlier today amongst a whole bunch of kids (& parents) at the Council library. It was a hoot—Eberle came along in a teaching role, & we had them singing & clapping along to numbers like “Frog Went A-Courtin’,” “Boll Weevil Blues,” “C-H-I-C-K-E-N” & “Whoa Mule Get Up in the Alley.” Anyway, you can check out one of my songs from an earlier incarnation in the video clip below. It’s an improvisation on a scale known as “the enigmatic scale.” I came up with this as part of the soundtrack for
Moominpappa at Sea last summer; for those familiar with that story, this music was used the first time a strange character named “the Groke” appears on the lighthouse island. I’m playing a solid body electric guitar (for those who don’t know, this is what you see of when you think “electric guitar”) & Eberle provided a lovely backing on the cocktail drum kit. We had a nice time recording this song, & hope you enjoy it too. Sunday I’ll post a clip of me playing a solo on the eponymous banjo.

So if you’re in the mood Sunday morning, it’ll be Musical Questions with me. But also be sure to check out tomorrow’s Weekly Poem & a special Saturday afternoon post.


  1. Excellent creation and I love the pattern and structures.

    And on the subject of your post, I do love the way you tell us what to look forward to next.

  2. Hey O.F.: Thanks for the nice comments-- good to see you back!

  3. I'll be looking forward to hearing some solo material in the hopefully near future! :^)

  4. Thanks Willow: I do want to do some recording this summer-- Eberle & I had done so much between two play soundtracks & two movie scores in three years that for a while I could hardly look at a microphone!

  5. Which movie scores did you write? Would we know them?
    The kids must have had a grand time. Wish I could have been there!


  6. Hi Kat: We did scores for two Nell Shipman silent films, 1919 "Back to God's Country" & 1923 "The Grub Stake." The latter score was commissioned by the Idaho Film Collection & was included by them on their dvd collection of Shipman's extant films. We're on vol. 3-- "From Lionhead Lodge," which includes all the surving films from Shipman's time in Idaho.



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