Wednesday, October 22, 2008

With Six You Get Blogroll

It’s pretty much obligatory for blogs to provide a list of other places to go when you’re done here (or there, as the case may be). & of course, I do want to be obliging, tho I admit it’s taken a while to put this list together. From now on this list o’links will be available on the right-hand side of the page. These are blogs I check out from time-to-time, so I’ll try to keep the links up-to-date (tho we hope none of these blogs shut down, because they’re all worth a read). Anyhoo, to kick off this new feature, I thought I’d provide a little bit of commentary about the linked blogs—as you’ll see, they’re divided into four categories: CinemaBiz, MusikBiz, PoeBiz, & “Blog Gumbo”—i.e., the blogs that, like Robert Frost’s Banjo, are hodge podges; I listed those first. Also, for the very curious, there are some nice links to other folks on our main Five & Dime Jazz web page.

Check ‘em out—but don’t forget to come back here!

3 Quarks Daily: A superbly written site with wide ranging interests. The masthead announces “Science/Arts/Literature/Politics/Gossip/Philosophy,” & the blog delivers. Several writers participate in this project.
Deadlier Than The Male: A quirky but interesting blog from a woman who writes pulp fiction—however, this won’t be everyone’s “cup of tea” (avoid it if you don’t care for strong language). Topics range widely: from the blogger’s writing career to Mexican wrestling & women’s boxing, to gender issues, to food, from meditations on father’s day to trips to Yuma, AZ, Frankfurt, Germany & other spots. Her links page also is not for the easily offended.
The Errant Aesthete: A miscellany, including dining & night life (& I don’t mean diners or cheap eats or dives here), films, fashion, design, aesthetics, politics. A very attractive layout, with great pix. Some may find the tone a bit high-falutin’, but I say give ‘em a chance. It appears out of alphabetical order on the blogroll because Blogger apparently doesn't know the rules regarding "the."
Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches: Living in Texas—a sufficiently surreal topic for a blog. This one ranges widely—popular music (from Nat King Cole & Sinatra to Journey, from John Coltrane to Todd Rundgren!?!), great pix of older buildings in small Texas towns (I especially like this feature, & may do something similar here), Disney flix, other flix (both recent & classic).
J-Walk Blog: A hodge podge of old-time music, politics, off-beat stories—love the one about “junk drawers”; we all have one.…
Whistling: Another miscellany including some politics (quite a lot in the current election season, less at other times—I find her political writing insightful & fair-minded, but then, I generally agree with her), some travel stories, meditative entries, the occasional poem, some gardening, dogs & horses, book reviews, & arts topics. Lots of links to interesting stories, great pix, & the writing is first rate.

Another Old Movie Blog: Diverse blog about lots of topics related to classic film—not just reviews & profiles, but features on old theaters & subjects such as how a book’s popularity over time is affected by it being made into a movie.
Clydefro: Good classic movies blog, with thoughtful, well-written reviews of lots of flicks. Also includes a monthly “TCM picks” entry for those TCM buffs out there. Good stills & posters for pix.
Movie Morlocks: Geez! !#%$&% Blogger won't recognize this on the blogroll, but I'll leave it in this post for those who are interested. It's the blog over at; since the posting is done by lots of folks, the quality can vary, but there’s a huge amount of info/opinions, etc. on classic films here.
Out of the Past: Thoughtful classic film blog by a gal who seems to love the films first & foremost. Features some fun lists, guest bloggers, reviews & actor/actress profiles, as well as offbeat news like the Bette Davis stamp.
Vitaphone Varieties: Updated sporadically (seems to still be an active site), but very well written blog about old time (20’s & 30’s) cinema, music, & “imagery.” Wonderful pix, but high-resolution, so it can be a bit slow to load even over a decent connection.

Blog-O-Jazz: Excellent jazz blog—very comprehensive; posts on the boppers & the old-time cats like Waller & Armstrong. It’s also been around for some time—since 05—so there’s plenty of material to look through. Anybody who lists Rahsaan Roland Kirk as one of his/her favorites is ok by me.
The Celestial Monochord: Interesting old-time music site (with some astronomy posts as well!)—a lot about the history surrounding old-time music. But it’s not all old-time, either; there’s a good bit about Tom Waits here, & also Bob Dylan. Informative posts about everything from religion in old-time music to the Harry Smith American Folk Music anthology; also good documentation of sources in case a reader wants to follow-up.
Highway 61 Radio: Good blues blog by a blues radio dj. Somewhat focused on events in Mississippi where he’s located—but hey, that’s legit: why do you think it’s called “delta blues?” There are interesting posts for readers from all areas.
Jazz & Blues Music Reviews: The site’s own masthead says it: “A completely subjective blog of music reviews covering mostly jazz and blues but branching out into other genres as well.” Good reading, lots of updates, & archives back to 03.
Night Lights: A blog connected with University of Indiana’s WIFU public radio jazz show. An eclectic mix: you find posts on Jo Stafford & Jack Kerouac side by side. This blog also has a “books” category, mostly—but not exclusively—jazz bios or books by jazz artists.
Old Time Radio Free Podcast & Download Blog: Listen to mp3’s from old-time radio, both music & shows—lots of stuff: Artie Shaw to Fats Waller, & from Boris Karloff to George Burns & Gracie Allen. They do try to sell stuff here, but the mp3’s at the “download” links are free.
Tangier Sound: Very good blog for those interested in frailing the 5-string banjo (or playing clawhammer style, if you will). Tab, mp3’s, videos (the best way to learn clawhammer if you don’t have a teacher), etc. Costello has a great take on the clawhammer banjo & on learning music in general. This is pretty specialized for clawhammer enthusiasts or wannabes.
Ukulelia: The uke blog, & one that’s been around for a looong time, blog-wise—since 01. Originally this was a Left Coast blog all the way—it does seem the uke is a bit more of a Left Coast phenomenon—but for some time now, Ukulelia also has had a writer in the Boston area. Very diverse uke stories—historical stuff, ukes in the news, “weird” uke tidbits, upcoming gigs (both by the “famous” & the less-than-famous), & all sorts of intriguing stuff.

Cosmopoetica: A grab-bag, & an interesting one at that. A poetry blog that has everything from poems to sausage to comic strips. The blogger involves us in his reading (recently Joyce’s Ulysses), & composes some intriguing meditations—for example one involving quotes from Montaigne & the “art” of blogging.
Harriet (The Poetry Foundation): The Poetry Foundation is kind of a big deal in the poebiz world, so this team-written blog is worth checking out. A wide variety of topics.
Iambic Café: A blog from Canada (but with excursions to the UK & the Continent) about both food & poetry—a noble combination. This is probably a “food” blog first, & a poetry one secondarily. Some fascinating stuff here—from food policy issues to honey extraction parties.
Nothing to Say & Saying It: This is a bold title for a poetry blog—a fairly mainstream poebiz perspective, but it’s well written & thoughtful. Posts about the general state of poetry, poetry readership, poet profiles, book reviews.
Poem of the Week: Guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. An eclectic selection: recent poems, poems in translation, older poems (Elizabethan, Romantic period, etc.) A fun concept for a blog. Dates back to 2006, so plenty of material here.
Silliman’s Blog: A major poebiz blog, perhaps in every sense of the word “poebiz,” but worth checking out. Lots of book reviews, regular links about poebiz news, poet profiles, some poems, & some odds & ends (a bit of sports news, a few movie reviews). The writer is a real live poet. The blog dates from 03.


  1. Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad that you chose to read my blog and enjoy it.

    And With Six You Get Eggroll is one of my favorite movies so I was tickled to see the title of your post.

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your list. Cosmopoetica is indeed a grab bag, reflecting my mental furniture in most important ways.

    I have to admit I hadn't seen your blog until this reference showed up, but it turns out we have some similar sensibilities in reading and music. I enjoyed your recent Borges, Apollinaire and tenor guitar posts.

    Needless to say, I've subscribed!

  3. Hi Raquelle & Chris-- thanks a lot for stopping by, & for your kind words too. Thanks for the subscription, Chris-- I subscribe to both of these; Raquelle, I've meant to comment on your Hollywood Revue of 1929 for a few days (re: Ukulele Ike)-- will try to get to that today.

    Thanks again.


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