Sunday, June 28, 2009

If It’s Sunday….

then why is there no original poetry here? I’ve decided for a number of reasons not to post any more of my old poems on Robert Frost’s Banjo. The reasons for this decision are complicated & private, but I can assure you that the decision wasn’t impulsive, but only reached after due deliberation. I can also assure you that the positive & enthusiastic responses I’ve received from folks with pretty diverse backgrounds has been a very uplifting experience, & I so much appreciate all the wonderful feedback you’ve left about these old poems.

The next time the poetry bug bites me in whatever present that may be, I’m confident that Robert Frost’s Banjo readers will be among the very first to see any new poetic productions. Anyone who’d like to read more of my earlier work can find links to pretty much all of it at the following link. As far as the 1996 Fold-Out Postcard Sonnets go, I apologize for interrupting the sequence. You can find a link to them at the link above, or you can go to them more directly here. The Past Poeticizing link about halfway down the page here in the left frame also will take you to my main poetry page. I would note that while I was preparing a manuscript for possible publication earlier this year, I tweaked several small things in the texts, as well as corrected a few typos. Theses haven’t been corrected on the web pages, however.

Although there’s no poem today on Robert Frost’s Banjo, you should be able to find Original Poetry Sunday participants at the following pages (based on previous weeks’ participation):

Amazing Voyages of the Turtle
Apogee Poet
Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes
Premium T.
Secret Poems from the Times Literary Supplement

Please chek them out—they’re all talented writers with diverse poetic visions. I’ll be posting a bit less “newsy” later on today, so check in this afternoon if you have a moment.


  1. Thats A Shame John.But I Respect Your Decision.
    Thanks For The Links & Have Yourself A Fine Sunday .

  2. The spirit of this Sunday, in words, in silence, in responses, in listening, in moments to BE and in heartfelt appreciation of you, dear John. Your posts are indeed each day's delight shared.

  3. Hi Tony & Rose Marie:

    Thanks to you both for your kind words & your support!

  4. Here's me, being supportive and respecting your decision in spite of all those little selfish naggings in the background. But it's not like you're not blogging, so that's something. Thanks for the reminder about where to find your old stuff. I hope your muse gets into a right royal snit and forces something new on you as punishment for abandoning her old work. Happy Sunday.
    P.S. Thanks for taking the pressure off the rest of us.

  5. Hi Mairi:

    My muse does have a tendency toward right royal snits--or perhaps fits--, & I think it's very likely I'll get my comeuppance. Thanks-- & you're welcome.

  6. I was here earlier, but got distracted. Just goes to show how I'm one example of someone who needs the reprieve.
    I am glad to have links to your earlier work, John. Thanks.


  7. Hi Kat:

    If you check out the earlier stuff hope you enjoy it.

  8. Yep. I'm with Mairi. We were feeling pressured, weren't we? Down with Pressure!

  9. Hi Sandra: Pressure=a bad thing. I liked the poem Mairi found in your blog post!

  10. And just when I was finally thinking of sharing some of mine... ;)

    Are you talking about the 'Marlowe' ones? I liked those. They made me think of Philip Marlowe, and I love Philip Marlowe...

    You're still gonna post SOME original poems, though, aren't you??

  11. Hi Ginger: Glad you liked the Marlowe poems! Phillip Marlowe was in part an inspiration for the character, tho there are other elements, too. You can find them at the "Fold-Out Postcard Sonnet" link in this post.

    Yes, I'll still post original poetry when it comes along. & I'm not saying that the decision about old poetry is "permanent," but I don't anticipate posting any of the old poems for some time at least.


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